Bjørnkjær is Lis' birthplace and has been in the family almost every year since 1872 when Lis' great-grandfather bought a piece of land by a farmer in Hejnsvig . Then began the marl digging, which took place in the period 1872 through 1962.
 The latest marl digging was performed with wire-digger, but for the first several years, marl digging was done by hand. Marl is calcareous clay soil, which was previously used for soil improvement.

  • 1872 Christian Engelbrecht Sørensen (Lis' great-grandfather on her father's side) bought a piece of land by a farmer in Hejnsvig
  • The property was taken over by Karl Engelbrecht Kristiansen (Christian's son / Lis' great-grandfather)
  • 1912 Søren Kristian Sørensen (Lis' grandfather) purchased the property
  • 1954 Esther (daughter of Søren Kristian Sørensen) and Arne S. Thomsen bought the property in 1954 (Lis' parents)
  • 2006 We bought Bjørnkjær but Lis’ parents Esther and Arne Thomsen continued to live on the farm
  • 2012 In the summer Esther and Arne move to Billund and in November we moved to Bjørnkjær. In the spring of 2013 we started to build apartments in stables and barn. 

2014 B & B Vesterhede opens on July 6.