On the property during the period 1872 - 1962 there has been dug marl. This means that today we have an amazing nature with the old marl pits, which we today call the lakes instead of marl pits. To make it even more attractive to stay here, we have chosen to go the extra mile for nature. There are now established insect ramparts, empty pieces of land and small biotopes. It provides excellent conditions for animal wildlife, birds and insects.

Around the 5 lakes and on several of the fields we have made footpaths, so there is ample opportunity to get out and enjoy the Danish countryside. You may be lucky enough to meet hares and deer and maybe see a few ducks on one of the lakes. In addition, there are plenty of birds in the area.

On the map you can see an overview of the property with the trails. You may also want to take your fishing rod with and go down to one of the lakes. Perhaps you are lucky enough to get a big pike on hook. For the kids, we have built a playground with trampolines, swings, sandpit etc. The playground is partially fenced and located close to the terrace. Here, parents can relax while the kids enjoy the playground.

Photos from the surroundings.